The Mountain

We make up the singularities
falling; parting our ways.
These stars are bursting
as the moon gains speeds.

As the gods are standing.
Wiping away all
forms of gravity.

Each pole is pulling apart;
inching from the destruction.
The storms are raging.

As if the gods are angered,
We’ll never surrender.

My dreams make up space
Hoping to face the wrath.

We ascend to the mountain
These tears are my emotions
filling the fountain
I hear a commotion

As the gods are standing.
Raising to fill the void.

Our life hangs onto ,
the spirit seeking to find clarity.

Today, may not be the calling
but we climb our way up.
Each step is our life force.
Praying for god to forgive us.

Each pole is pulling apart;
inching away from rampaging.
The calm before the storm.

These life forces are hanging
by a thread.
Unsettling as we are
That we’re not gonna die.

Once the sky has clearly
fallen on top of us.
This mountain is our home.

As the gods are waiting.
They are judging us.

Raising our voices,
we carry on the fight.

These fires are betraying,
hoping they fade away.
We will fight for our lives
on top of this mountain.

The space between
heaven and earth
are now colliding.

Each of us held a chord
and the gods have descended.
We fought for our last standing.

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