I wanna be able to show
the world how good you
really just wanna be.

Not everyone is perfect ,
I can feel the circuit flowing through;
Please don’t run because you are alright.

Don’t doubt yourself
Don’t become self conscious

No body is perfect
love yourself
that’s all that matters.

I do it for the passion
I do it for the love that I always needed

Come one just let go,
Don’t put so much pressure
on yourself.

Hug yourself, hold it tight
fight your emotions
everything you do matters.

Don’t give up
Don’t cry dear

Your fear will be painful
but overcome what it’s
going to do.

I do it to make people happy
I don’t like you being sappy

Give it your all
The world isn’t perfect
it’s just going to shake
before you fall

I want you to focus
Don’t make yourself sad

For all the love people give you,
Just be passionate;
I am a bit of a compassionate

All the dreams will come true
just wait for it.

You’ll never learn if you keep
becoming a masochistic.

Your pain will go away
if you just stop listening
to others opinions

I do it to make others feel better
I do it to stop the insanity
I do it to love you
I do it because no one is perfect

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