I’d came here claiming the essence of the wounded.
Coldly, blasting through the odd ends lingering all day.
Forcing the fears to tear apart as they start to regenerate.

Run away as the river flows the direction it appears.
Nearer from the departed; I becoming one.
The lone wolf becomes rogue and out runs his fears.

Humanity on the last of it’s string,
Bring it as it can barely see me
Lean on and stop letting it fade.

Run as far as you can from the ineptitude of destruction;
No more wind as the function is lost.
Prophecy’s, such a strange thought.

It’s time to run
It’s time to run

No longer will I be scared
No longer will I be feared

Assumption is the worst thing that could happen
No one can be perfect;
As the serpent ties around the wounded warriors
Most of them have inclined to slither into the depths.

Fuming at the idea no longer will they be spared
However they didn’t really care
These layers are ripping at the seam

Mean and disapproved;
No one can move,
Looming over at the runners.

Run it’s not over
Run it’s time to let go
Run it’s the past that holds us

These buildings have collided
Tomorrow it’ll be a mindful event
Siding with the enemy
I’d rather just keep on running

No longer will I be scared
No longer will I be feared

Tomorrow’s just another day
My legs in so much pain
Your emotions are saying
the last race is insane

It’s time to run
It’s time to run

The bane of existence,
Take this on another whole plain
I insist that you keep on running
Persistant if that’s what you’re making it.

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