Our Tenderness;
has been equipped.
As we’ve shown happiness.

Your eyes, has shown me
what’s been beneath my world.

So long as I’ve shunder;
How could I been so blind?

My vision has been blurred.
Your words is nothing but mistakes.

How could I have been so misunderstood?
How should the world have viewed me?

These questions have burned my thoughts.
No matter how I sought to find these answers.

We’ve danced to our last song;
why did I stay with you for so long?
why were you my worst mistake?

These thoughts have circulated through my mind.
How could you lie to me?
Was I your mistake?
Was I no good for you?

You’ve shattered my last will;
no matter how much I have changed.

My voice has slurred,
As my words have become muted.

I looted the cause,
As I should have known his true intentions.

My will has vanished,
These words have become my curse.

No matter what I’ve become;
you’ve seem to have left the picture.

Burning your pictures has been purifying.

Your kiss is the poison;
You’ve slowed down the tempo.

Your eyes has showed me lies;
How could you be so succumbed to my beauty?

Was I the object you’ve always desired?
Was it what you’ve always wanted?

My bare body has been scarred by your touch;
you’re no long apart of my world.

Our tenderness;
has been dissipated.
No such thing as love.

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