Within the world we come into pieces;
Each fragment thrown off to the sea.
These breaths become solid and
fall beneath her.

Frozen to death,
Her porcelain skin,
is as pale as her blue eyes.

These pieces are a puzzle,
Claiming each one as a soul,
Her memories reconnected as one.

Each step She falls beneath the sea,
Her veil has drifted to the ocean.
Once so beautiful, she stared
at the sun as it shone upon her.

Her pale lips are cracked,
breaking her serenity.
Upon looking at the sky,
She found her salvation.

As the moon rose,
She becomes a statue.
Shimmering like a crystal.

She could no longer be
put together as she falls;
Her cries have become frozen
in motion.

Her tears becomes a part of her
as she was once a queen.

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