October Skies

I am feeling so dead
and it’s all in my head.
I fed my inner demons
the seed of evil.

October Skies;
cries into demise
as they felt so alive.

Autumn has risen,
my lips have been
kissing the moon.

As soon as I rise,
I will vanquish
the skies.

October Skies;
Your under disguise
and I can feel you
devise to keep yourself
so alive.

I cry under the moon;
As darkness ascends,
while heaven floods.

I crawl underneath
my bed; sad and

As autumn looms,
under the blood
red moon.

I fight those demons
inside my head and
I defeated them.

October Skies;
I found your lies,
Whispering into
the skies as
you’ve been demised.

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