My Last Kiss

My lips are painted red,
from the very end.
Never had I ever
felt the last drop
of my tears.

As the rain splatters,
this stain of lust.
Cursing the day
leaving me speechless.

This color stains my
last kiss.
Oh how I missed
your lips.

Sipping the tea,
I am free now.
This poison fills
my heart.

Carving out my smile,
to show my teeth.
Filling the edges to
a point.

As they rip out
my tongue,
they sought to
kiss me.

As they paint my lips
with blood.
Staining the skies
with torment.

The skies are glowing;
if the moon weren’t
so blood red.

The demon fed upon
my lustful sin.
There is no king
to take my soul.

My Last Kiss
is what I desire.

As they rip my heart
and organs to keep
me from being alive.

I couldn’t have
survived without
knowing who
slaughtered me.

My Last Kiss is painted red.

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