Above & Beyond

This hopelessness,
I couldn’t cope
and hardly felt
the pain.

No sense in
moving on
solving all
the problems
in the world.

Here’s what it
feels like;
the window of

Come on,
be one with the
crowd and be open.

I am so shy
and introverted.

Couldn’t find hope
in the present.
As I open a bottle
of sadness.

Pour it in a drink,
I realize that I am

Drinking my pain away;
I knew that I hadn’t grown,
never have I ever been so

Painful illusions and
I hallucinated what I wanted.

I am far from home,
I don’t know where to go.

Empty on the inside and
I need to drink all my fears
and pain.

I hide in a corner and
feed my emotions
with the drink of death.

Without you,
in the picture
all I see is hopelessness.

I’d be better with
someone who will
always love me
no matter what.

I’ll always look up,
as the sun rises
above the water.

Beyond my smile,
is so much more.

The intimate
sacrifice of showering
affection to one another.

I drop my bottle
of feelings and found
my happiness.

Calming oceans,
are above and beyond.

The feeling of lust
builds up my love

I’ll always find hope
in the darkest days
without the drink.

Above and beyond,
the emptiness within

I will be happy without
this liquor of depression.

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