I’ve fallen deep into the world
trying to find love. It’s so
thrilling to be falling from
above the ocean.

Crashing just to make a splash,
it’s a flash flood of emotion.
I bonded with this earth.

I continue falling in the deepest
depths. It keeps calling
from the corner of my mind
and I know where to find it.

The skies are sweeping and
the waves keep flooding.
So submerged that I can
barely breath.

I see a light and it’s
so bright I finally have
found the night that it
has brought to me.

Drowning from the loneliness
and I slowly try to bring myself
from dying in this ocean full of lies.

I blindly see the sun and it’s
screaming. The feeling of the
burning bright star.

Drenched in the water;
a weight has been lifted off
my shoulders.

I know, that I won’t be falling
so deep in love. I’ll keep my head
held high and it will be fine,
so I can be so kind.

The waves of emotions have
hid me well and I won’t
let that happen again.

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