I carry on from the dark,
in the presence of the man.
The figure lingers on
until the break of dawn.

Here he brings all the pain;
eating at my emotions,
when the moon shines bright
he stalks the world and feeds.

The Eclipse is where I can hide
and I don’t have to feel ashamed.
Exposing who I truly am and
I will feel the happiness.

The hooded man has come to take
it away and he’ll take it with him.
He speaks with a dark presence.
Brings out all the fears.

I want to see the lunar eclipse so that
it will take out the man. He has
drained me from being so emotional.

I serve no one; Guide me near
the eclipse and I will know the truth.

He stalks the night and he won’t stop
feeding on the unfortunate souls.
Grasping for air. He is Death.

As I dream, I free myself.

I see the ocean drowning me away
he knows that I fear it.
I choke on water and can barely

Death brings fourth his cold
touch and I am gone from
the world.

As I see a new world, I am
lost and forgotten. Then I saw
a light and I smiled and I knew
what it was.

I awoke from the endless sleep
and I witnessed the eclipse and
it saved me from being drowned
in darkness.

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