Seen You

As a cold whisper
calls my name.
I couldn’t confronted;
Time, can be such a
discreet manor.

I’ve seen you through a
cold reflection.
like an hour glass
telling time.

Only time could tell,
what if it weren’t true?
I’ve trusted too much.

My windows have been closed.
So I couldn’t have seen you.

None could tell as to who I am.
There’s no way you’ll ever see me.
Please, oh please stop quit lying to me.

You’ve seen me, but I’ve never seen
you. There’s no way of telling how I felt
through all the pain I have suffered.

Knowing that you tried to be there.
How could you be?
That soft whisper could have been
a ghost or just a sheer reflection.

Stop, trying to tell me that you’ve
seen me. There’s just too much

I’ve gained so much strength.
I broke your heart as you broke mine.
There’s no way; I won’t say.

I hold everything in.
Can’t express how I feel.
I’ve been gone.

Thrown and yelled at.
I wasn’t wearing a bullet
proof vest to ignore the bullshit.

I’ll see you when I’m gone.
I’ve once believed and trusted

I lost your trust.
How could I believe you?
Everything’s been expressed
through text.

Post hast, the condescending lies.
How am I to believe people who believe
in me?

I’ll see you when I’m gone.
Just be like the wind that blew
through your face.

I’ll be forever in the shadows
and see you when I am gone.

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