What If

Tell me by about your fate
so sweet?
Is it the right hand of god?
Or the sweet sirens the sea?

Has it gone by the moonlight;
with such comparisons of
the gaze.

To the shade of gray.
I couldn’t help but lay
upon the night and
starred into the stars.

What if I could start my
whole life over?
I want it to be an
album full of fate.

O’ hold my hand.
As I walk down the path
too the garden of edin.

I was once an important
From a place called earth.

What if I were a ghost?
A haunted nightmare could
be way worse.

It seeps right through me just
like the light.

I could tell by the nights.
That you were once alone.
Now you’ve realized
your love.

That it’s gone and it will
never be back.
I lack emotion.
Hold me back before I lost
my mind.

This is how I will
By the right hand of god.
The kiss of it will be so
tenderly and beautiful.

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