Once Loved

Never had I loved,
before this night.
I wish it weren’t
just tonight.

I sighed with relief
beneath the breathe.
I couldn’t bare
this belief.

I once loved a man
who was cold.

He was so old,
that I laid myself
to sleep.

(Chorus) In the darkness,
before the dawn.
I dreamt of this

This man held my heart;
tore it to pieces.
I never forgave him.

I thought to myself,
what if? I could just

I threw it upon him.
Gave him my all.
I fell hard to the ground;
Deep in pain.

(Chorus) In the moonlight;
I dreamt of this

I gazed upon the stars,
These flaws made me
who I am.

Even though,
he pushed me hard.
Kneed me to the ground;
With his heart filled shards.

(Chorus)In the Stars;
I dreamt of this song.

Blissfully breaking
all the hard moments.
Past is the Past, the present
is anew.

I Once loved a man,
who used my body.
Shamefully displeasing
my esteem.

I gave him my heart,
as he breaks it into

As I looked through
the mirror.
He’s gone for good.
Let the mind be flowing through.

(Chorus) In the Sky;
I dreamt of this song.

I end this lullaby by
letting go.

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