The Storm

I need this way of life,
to bring the best of me.
Hold my breath for the
storm to come.

Yes, this is the way I need
it to be. Oh dear friend.
The storm lifts me up
from the sadness within.

No, I don’t want to break down.
Come with me now.
The storm is here.

Fly away with me,
lift your spirits and
be free.

There is nothing to be afraid ;
just let go of the past.

The storm is here and
be free don’t let it consume

The darkness will rest
until we die. No not right

Please just let go and fly
with the storm and be free
from your depression.

Let it guide you to the right direction.
Stay in control; don’t let it stop you.

It may be destruction and chaos
but life will throw hurdles at you.

The storm is here just let it
point to the right direction.
Create the shield and wings
for it will too protect you.

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