Three strikes, a quarter to nine.
I sleep tight by the end of the night.
Darling look at these signs.

These ghosts follow your dreams;
Disappear by the bright light.
I’ll hold you close to
hide your fears.

As the fog approaches,
I faintly see the apparition.
Walking on the road to
find the light.

Now, we’re free from the
scorning sun. Fleeing the
scene from the world.

Gasping one last time.
No I don’t want to find
that you’re mine.

Burning the souls
from the forgotten.
I hadn’t brought
the fierce of the sun.

The dark days have
conquered the night.
Slowly, hiding the
shine that clouds
upon the sight.

Loved ones, may
grow from being

As admiration,
pulsates from their

May the dark days
seize to exist. As
these apparitions
feel love once more.

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