Gestured Lies

Boundless, to the countless lies.
Anoymous, thinking as the man
once denied.
Think as once he has been quarreling
with his split personality.

He gestures ” Ye, must
be gracious to thy thine

The young lady,
has moved and sighed.
” Has doth, the divine
been sanctioned?”

He swiftly, moves
“Ne” he says.

“I’ve been
giveth, this gift.
The thoughtless,
thorough narrow-
minded lies”

His eyes, deep as the sky,
and face sunken like the sea.
As though he motivated the
young and persuaded the old.

He’s both the beauty and of the
lies. One of humanities sin.
Itching, with utter disgust.

Mustn’t you be chilled
with such intricate

Why yes, the old man
spoke. Dusty and winkled.
Sinking back into his
wooden box.

He made his mistake.
Should have taken
the advantage, he
himself was once given.

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