Pure Sunshine

Darkest nights seem so long.
Forcing one to sleep alone.
Seeing the path of the sun.

The skies have risen
from their sleep.
Endless visions never leap.

Pure rays beamed across the
sky and touched my pale skin.
Upon my face, I was completely hurt.

The orchestra, kept painting
anew and tripped her life.
I need no company.

When the skies touch the earth
and the strasphere leaping faith.
I am just another scar.

A burden of the sunshine.
the vines have wrapped around me.
As I stood there staring at the skies
and the sun beaming upon me.

The sun set and rised for me to
see the beauty of the world’s
most wonderful nature.

I cried there and realised that
I’ve become the tree and grown
like a leaf to the stem of life.

Pure Sunshine, has called
my name.

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