Relax darling,
your heart is slowly
beating. Harking the ways
of the beloved.

You stole my
heart as the wonderous lover.

I have found my
true being. Hold me,
dear as the pursuit
of happiness.

This way dear; hold
me tight. There’s still room for more.

This is the second time my heart
has fluttered.

Never let me,
I’ll be there.
Just don’t hurt
or lose me.

You’re proven yourself
as a caring person.
Whose heart is very strong.

Wonderous things
are bound to happen.
I feel relaxed.

I have no worries of
my mind being lost.

Never felt this happy.
Glad this is my one last

Relax, relax,
just control yourself.

No need to rush but
to feel relaxed.

I hear the music
orchestrating. To
the beat of our hearts.

Just don’t worry,
we’ll be at ease.

Forever, your
in my heart.

Just relax.

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