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A Void

Spaces are torn;
Stepping stones into new realities. 
Configuring a destination. 

Robotics churned our minds 
Pushing our limits 
No longer will we stand by. 

Each way we look 
turns out to be A Void 
of someone’s creation. 

A complete empty 
world that’s been hollowed 

Wars will be a detriment 
to our realities. 

Theory to realize 
we are in a simulation. 
Tearing the wires 
As we feared the worst. 

The Fragiles cannot be saved 
as the A Void devours us. 
Swallowing like the pit 
of space and time. 

Each time we think 
we were in the Void 
within someone’s creation. 

No sleep
No strain
Nothing could pull us through
No more exhaustion

Let the algorithm start
input the numbers as we 
descend leaving our bodies behind. 

Nothing’s more wrong than 
retrieving data to compensate 
what’s in our delicate thoughts. 

We are asleep
Leaving our astral like state 
as we seek out new realities 
We are the Void.