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When life is disproportionate
it starts to corrode when the
light begins to fade.

Sounds becoming louder
Words faster that it might

Overblown the systems
The crows circling around
each grave.

Clawing against the machines
Not being able to fix it
Looking on my life
Setting myself free.

Transparent as the gods,
Were as equal to the mortals.

Screaming at the moon
thinking that the world may
just be a game.

When life is disarray
it starts to rust when the
light begins to flicker.

Being a prisoner to the system
It might expose them.

We live our life where
it’s transparent
fading to the background.

The sounds we make
bounce back where it creates
a crescendo.

Struggling at the core
Ripping throats of the
enemy not knowing
what it was.

When life dissipates
it starts to fade when the
light begins to be transparent.

Our eyes rectify;
Identities stolen,
Bodies were stripped;
Minds were taken over
Replaced by computers.

Plotting the escape;
No way out,
It’s time to shut down
the servers.

We are transparent as
the clouds covering
our vision being blinded
from the truth.