The Fallen Petals

As the break of dawn,
each flower has fallen
down into pieces.

Winter has frozen
the petals.
Embracing the fallen.

Each season has
become a true wonder.
Nature grows beautifully.

Mindfully, the thoughts
have become a solid

Every piece of nature;
beautiful start and
drastic ending.

The fallen petals
from a rose is just
a heart full of love.

These doves dive down
to pick up the
sadness in your eyes.

As the wind, blows
by and nature has
just stolen your heart.

Once the seasons
start. Each flower, leaves,
and grass become

It’ll grow back in
the wondrous rays of
the sun.

They’ll never fall
unless there’s no love
in the air.

So keep the love
of nature in
both mind and heart.

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