All, I see is a fake personality.
It’s been altered.
Here is my take on it.

Everyone’s got a

They half ass it.
All, they do is
show a different side.

I forbid it.
I’ll crack the mirror.

These gestures
can be so gracious.
No one’s got a heart.
I don’t hear the beat.

I’ll heat it up and let
the mirror crack
and the truth spills out.

Crying and sobbing.
All, I can see is blah,
blah, blah.

Let their fears
take flight.
I’ll be polite
and show them
the way out.

The strings
are being pulled
from my heart.
It hurts.

I sought, nothing
but the truth.
Please, break
the mirror.

I don’t want denial.
It’s the final words.
Break the mirrors
and let life sore.

I pour my life,
into the world
of beauty.

You seek nothing
but darkness
As you, ascend
to hell.

There’s nothing
but a shattered
mirror reflecting
your past.

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