As nature blossoms.
I cross between the
world of wonder and

Forever in my mind.
The pieces are
gone for quite a while.

They rot away;
you’re my first light.
Our lullabies are the
first written song.

Dancing to the sounds of
music and creating the havoc.
Forever in my heart;
the pieces are put together.

In Hindsight, we’re just
a cologne that fades

I wanted to go ways
with you.
Lovely, how things
are gone this perfect.

I love you;
music is the
only way to
my angst pain.

Doth thou love
the sounds of nature?
As the birds
and the wind fly by.

It’s my first time
to create something
so lovely.

It’s called art,
we love it and
we’ve been created.

As the piece to the
puzzle. It’s quite lovely.
Our spirits are shaken
and have struck out.

Lets put it together;
lovely, we’re just
a human being.

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