Tag it,
Break it,
Sew it in half.
Speak your mind
as I already have.

The night is dark,
as the wolf barks.
Twisted trees rise

The moon rises
from the clouds
as the trees sway

Finding the deepest
secrets ahead. The
cries wimper as the
dreary night ends.

There is no fuss;
she mustn’t confess.
Kindled to the forest
as she exits.

Beckoning the cold
winter nights. She
fights; splits at the

Of course she will
scream. There is
a beam of light
at the tunnel.

This funnel of
blood is a start.
Dripping to the
ground as she
is bound.

To the streets
of the ally. Nothing
can be of the sorts.
Her name is Sally.

She’ll validate when
the night ends. Let
this fighting be the

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