Change of Pace

A change of pace
has been traced.
I’ve laced onto the hearts
of an angel.
I stare down the clouds
where heaven lies. I’ve
cried ’til my shivers have
calm down.
Begging the last.
I’ve been so lost;
where have I been?
I want to calm down.
Stress free but with
some people there.
I’ve screamed in fear
and pain. Baring the pain
and showing it.
I’ve walked in shame.
So much regret.
I couldn’t forget that day.
I met him. Merely a
year ago and he shattered
my heart.
I’ve glued some of the pieces.
I wouldn’t know where to go.
Lets be together again!
I want to feel loved
not abandoned!
I choked on this so much.
I can’t stand the lonliness.
Dance with me; this beautiful
I can’t get over you.
I still love you.
Please just forgive me
if not.
Just forget me as
I already have.
My heart stil carries this
I struggle everyday and
it makes me cry to think about
All I want is to feel loved. . .

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